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The Young at Art Competition is held each spring at the Denison Public Library. The competition gives an opportunity for students of Denison ISD to share their talents and vision with the community. Ribbons and a small token are awarded to students based on age and type of work submitted. 

2024 Young at Art Competition

This year's theme is "Music and Art".

The competition is open to Denison High School students and local homeschooled students in grades 6-12. 

Check out the full list of guidelines here!

Judging will occur on March 27th and 28th,
followed by the Awards Ceremony on April 4th

For additional information contact
Stephanie Sylvester at stephaniesylvester3 [at]

6-7 first.jpg
6-7 second.jpg
6-7 third.jpg
8-9 First.jpg
8-9 Second.jpg
8-9 Third.jpg
3D Art_edited.jpg
3D Art_edited_edited.jpg
10-12 First.jpg
10-12 Second.jpg
10-12 third.jpg
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